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J&F Musician Program

Piano Lessons

J&F Musician provides comprehensive private lessons for all levels of students to develop strong foundation on music reading, instrumental techniques, as well as interpretive skills.

J&F Musician holds two recitals as well as small concerts providing the students with performance experiences.

This course is for students who may participate in outside piano evaluations; such as Certificate of Merit(a California standard piano examination), Royal School examination and various talent competitions. This course includes a bi-weekly theory group classes.

This program is the ultimate choice for children who are serious about learning music.

Piano B&W

Vocal Lessons

J&F Musician provides private and group vocal lessons from children to adult. The lesson covers important aspects of vocal technique, which include thins such as; breath volume control, range, and longevity. The class works the technique of the vocal information through the learning and performance of various songs.

It is important to understand that the voice is essentially no different from any other musical instrument. Although each person’s voice is definitely his or her own unique instrument, a student can learn to “play” that instrument much more efficiently and expressively.

Student can sing for pleasure (Spring and Christmas recitals) and/or they can also participate in Royal School examination and competitions.

Violin Lessons

J&F Musician provide violin lessons for both children and adults. The first violin lessons will be focused on the position of the body while playing the violin, the ear training, and the bowing. In private lessons, the teacher will get the chance to work one-on-one with her student to perfect their playing. The student will get the teacher’s full attention to quickly advance in their musical skills.We also offer group lessons. The  class will cover basic violin technique plus note reading, composers, ensemble playing, and music theory. The objective of this class is to promote the student’s interest in the instrument.

Guitar Lessons

J&F Musician provides both private and group guitar lessons to both children and adults. The lessons cover popular styles of guitar playing; finger picking techniques, music reading, music terms, chord symbols, song accompaniment patterns, and much more.

Students are encouraged to perform in the Spring and Christmas Recitals as will as other ensembles and music competitions.

Flute Lessons

J&F Musician provides high quality individual flute lessons for all levels. The lesson covers basic techniques including breath control, embouchure, fingering, articulation and tone quality. The course will also focus on students’ musicianship and performing skills. Students will be given advice. In purchasing instruments and accessories. Preparation for band and orchestra will be provided when needed.

Students are encouraged to perform in the spring and Christmas recitals and to participate in the Royal School of Music examinations, as well as other ensembles and music competitions.

Piano Group Lesson
Group Size: 6 to 8 Students

Class Schedule: One lesson per week Total Session: 12 Lessons
J&F Musician piano group Lesson is designed for developing comprehensive musicianship for young beginners, preparing them have a smooth transition to the private lesson learning. In 12 lessons (1 session) our students will
• Develop their aural ability in pitch, rhythm, tempo and music expression through listening, singing and playing.
• Learn and get familiar with five line staff and basic music terms.
• Pay attention on using right posture and fingering method.
• Explore music in an enjoyable and stimulating environment.

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